Visionary, innovative, and detail-oriented strategic thinker with proven skills.


  • leadership
  • change management
  • project management
  • strategic planning
  • internal communications
  • change communications
  • corporate communications
  • branding & identity
  • marketing
  • outreach and advocacy
  • managing diverse teams
  • stakeholder management
  • relationship building
  • event management

Almost 20 years of experience transforming organizations through effective change management and communications.


  • Branded two major internal strategic programmes within the United Nations, and revolutionized corporate communications in the global organization.
  • Developed and led the implementation of a global communications strategy for the new technology strategy of the UN, ensuring the success of various programmes globally. 
  • Established an entirely new team for strategic communications in the UN Office of Information and Communications Technology, including developing the vision and mission, defining and onboarding resources, coordinating with others, including senior leadership, and establishing channels, standards, and frameworks.
  • Established a global network of communications and change agents across major UN locations and the field to expand the capabilities of the small team at headquarters and the reach of limited resources, thereby ensuring the achievement of strategic objectives. 
  • Spearheaded the adoption of innovative tools to manage the project to implement the UN Enterprise Resource Planning system, which were highly praised by the Board of Auditors and made a significant impact on how the $350 million project was run, contributing to its successful rollout. 
  • Lead the development of the communications and change management strategies for the UN ERP implementation (Umoja) and the dynamic tracking and reporting of results. 
  • Revolutionized project management, change management, internal collaboration, information-sharing, and stakeholder engagement in the UN through the implementation of innovative approaches and tools

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