#techgirl with communication and strategic management skills

Me: obsessed with interior design, all things web and my beautiful little girl. I’ll try to focus on the web stuff, but I get sidetracked with #diy and #renovation of our coop, plus my super smart kid is just so much fun. 

I work at the United Nations, coordinating communications, culture change and innovation across the Secretariat and collaborating across the UN system. Previously I led a team responsible for communicating ICT across the Secretariat, including the implementation of a global #ICT strategy for the organization. This involved rolling out enterprise-class applications; tackling growing #cybersecurity issues; leveraging social tools to increase information-sharing and break down silos; and many other tech-related initiatives intended to modernize the UN, making it stronger and more effective.

eMAGINE.IT.ALL is a an idea, a concept, a dream about using ICT to empower people around the world to make a difference and improve their communities.

People everywhere are working on diverse social and economic development issues affecting our communities. Organizations, small or large, are made up of individuals dedicated to improving communities and helping others. Whether one person or millions are affected, these actions are necessary to improve our societies.

I hope you enjoy it!

ICT can enhance the ability of people and organizations to reach wider audiences through a range of digital channels:

  • raising awareness
  • sharing stories/impact communications
  • getting new ideas
  • establishing partnerships
  • connecting with others
  • attracting/mobilizing volunteers and advocates
  • increasing donations
  • informing the public and personnel